A comp card is short for a composite card, usually short in size. The size of a comp card is usually 6” x 9” with a headshot on the front & 3-5 images on the back. It is used by the models as well as by the actors to acquire work by producing it for clients. The objective of a comp card is to show versatility as a model, something which every casting director looks for. A model’s comp card is like a photo in magazines that tells a story of the text written next to it. But for actors, it is more like a lifestyle photoshoot.


It is crucial for any model as it introduces them in a diverse way. The plus point of the comp card is that it offers a different range of shots and looks, thereby enhancing the chances of getting the assignment and great projects. Basically, it is important that you have a comp card with all relevant details and best shots so that it can be submitted to a potential client at a casting and they can instantly remember you and book you.


A comp card should have photos but there is other crucial information that needs to be added so that the agencies, scouts, and clients can get an overview of the model. The other details include the model’s name, hair color, eye color, and stats such as height, measurements, shoe size, and dress size. Most importantly it should bear your contact number so that an agent can get in touch with you.


Nowadays, one will find digital as well as physical comp cards. However, the only difference between the two is that one can be shared via email while the latter can be only shared physically.

In the time when everything has become online, the digital comp card should be the preferred choice. And for someone who has just started his career, a digital comp card is the sure way to go. Furthermore, there are also added advantages of quickly swapping the photo, last time removing or replacing with a better one and most importantly saving time and money.