Hey fellow parents! Hope you all making the best of this winter. We all have been at the receiving end of this pandemic in many ways. But as they say that there is always a silver lining. The best thing about this lockdown period was that we all got so much time to spend at home with our Kids. Yes, there have been challenges of working from home but change is always good. Who would have thought that things could have gone so well while working from your own place. It won’t be wrong to say that this is the best time to give the attention that your kids have always been asking for so long. There are so many activities that you can do with your little ones where they can learn as well as play. And when it comes to doing engaging activities with your kid whom they immensely love doing, painting is something that comes first to everyone’s mind. This pandemic can bring out the best of your child’s creative side. Here are some of the art and painting ideas that you can try with your child:

Splatter, Throw & Layer

This one is very easy and super fun to do and the best part is that the result will always be beautiful no matter how wrong it goes. You need paper or canvas and cardboard. Take water or acrylics colors and for flicking either take a spoon or a brush. Now if you are going to put it on the ground, place cardboard below the material and splash the colors using a brush or spoon. Spontaneity is all that you need here. The more random it is, the better! Go for neon colors so that it would look vibrant and lively!

Fork Scrape Painting

This is a very easy yet very exciting painting. All you need to do is take a white piece of paper and color it one color. Let it dry completely. After that, paint it with another color and let it stay for a while. Now when it is completely dry take a fork and scrape it in a particular pattern that you want your painting to have. Your junior will enjoy doing the scraping part a lot.

Easy Pour Painting

You need a wooden board or a white canvas for this. If you are using a board then you need to paint it white. Pour painting is all about a fun color combination. Make your child choose colors for this. Once done with this put four paper cups upside down and place your canvas/paint board on it. Now pour colors over the board and hold it in your hand and move it so that the color drips off the sides. Once your junior is satisfied with the pattern let it dry. Keep in mind that the thicker the colors the better!

So these were some easy DIY art ideas to try. Enough of your child’s wall drawings behind your back, now it is high time that the artist in him is nurtured and gets your attention. Get your hands dirty with colors along with them. Help them getting the masterpiece ready; help this novice artist understanding the colors and contours. And if it is still the walls that he is interested in, then graffiti is all he is in love with. Paint the town red guys! Try all of these and share your art piece, we will be posting them and share it with others on our various social platforms. Please feel free to tag us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kidsup.in/ #kidsupactivty. We would love to hear from you!