They say ‘First impression is the last impression.’ And before we open our mouth to impress, it is our clothes which do the task for us. Hence, fashion is of paramount importance in many ways, ways one can’t speak of but are inherently understood. The dressing aesthetics, style sense set the first impression. Teens are trendier and in Vogue as compared to adults. They believe in fashion for more reasons than one. For them, fashion is a way of living life, a slice of their individuality and self-discovery.

In colloquial language, fashion sense is identified by the group one belongs to and vice versa. The unsaid demand of conforming to group’s social standards also influences the fashion sensibilities of the teen. Some groups follow the boho look, some the chic while some opt for simple basics among various other styles and fashions.

In a very small span of time, one may find a profound change in the teen. Usually, a teen switches between trends, fashions, colour choice, hairstyle and other personal attributes. This progression of change runs parallel to the self-rediscovery of a teen. In other words, teens like to define themselves by their personal appearance, clothes, experiences, group associations and much more.

Teens are also highly influenced by outside forces. They are hugely affected by media and fashion magazines. They set their ideal image personality by picking up inspiration from the outside world like sports players, film stars, other celebrities etc. They also aspire and emulate the looks, style, and speech of their celebrity idols.

Teens are more particular about what they are wearing. Teens literally ‘watch what they wear’. For them, details matter the most as they understand that they are being judged by the outside world on the basis of their fashion sense and personal appearances.

Fashion to teenagers is an abstract art to convey their expression to the peers and the rest of the world. It is an outward expression of their inner beliefs and thoughts. Teenagers find comfort in experimenting with their clothing style. They like to become trendsetters in their peer group by choosing the best of clothes and portraying the best of who they are.