Children have this natural tendency to flaunting their style without putting in too much effort. They just need to be themselves and in their innocence lays the ability to own the cloth. Their style quotient can be sum up in three words: innocent, nonchalant, and instinctive. So here some of the latest fashion trends for your juniors that can lit up their wardrobe and be their go-to style for this season

The Thing For A Bling

We as an adult have a very soft corner for glitters. Let’s accept this. And when it comes to children, how can we forget their love for all shiny things. The best thing about this year is that sequins are so much in trend and they always find their way into our lives, be it on our sling bags or the cover of our diaries. This year they are very much popular on denim. The usual denim now looks very stylish and distinct, fashionable, and appropriate for a festive occasion

Queer Motifs & beautiful prints

All things that are weird to us arouse curiosity in the little ones. The pattern and designs that are offbeat and eccentric grabs their attention and is therefore find a special place in every child’s heart. These days fleece dresses, joggers, T-shirts, frocks, and sweatshirts with allover queer prints are ubiquitous. You can easily notice them on every young kid around you.

Multi-Color shoes

Why mono-color when they can have all! The multicolor shoes are every kid’s favorite, the dazzling colors are fun. The intriguing design makes anyone go gaga over it. Your little one looks no less than a Rockstar.


These have been in trend for quite so long but they are still in demand due to the variation in the designs. The one adorned with glittery stars, and flowers are very much in trend. Is there any new trend that you just go to know and want to share with us? Do not think twice and tell about it by posting a picture of your child wearing any of the latest trends and sharing with us on our Instagram handle. We will share it with others and spread your ideas.